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About Airborne Travels Limited

Airborne Travels Ltd was established in March 1990, as a fully- owned Ghanaian Limited Liability Company. It is registered with 1,000,000 (One Million) shares of no par value of which 200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand) have been issued.

Airborne Travels Ltd is a full-service Travel Agency, which uses its crop of experienced and dedicated staff to provide global travel services to various clientele. The Company obtained its International Air Transport Association (IATA) accreditation in 1996 with the numeric code 24-2-0987 2.



Our mission is the satisfaction of our clients through efficiency in what we do. The profit motive is important in as much as it enables us to continue to exist and grow but does not override our avowed aim of providing satisfactory service to our clients who keep us in business. The yield from this philosophy is that satisfied clients have continued to give us a great deal of new clients that has led to the expansion of our market and operational base.


Our vision is to be the number 1 travel agent in ghana and beyond by helping our clients, individuals, tourists and business travelers through
  • Cost savings
  • Valuable time savings
  • Providing timely information for planning of travels.

Why Choose Airborne Travels

  • Airborne Travels has well trained, dedicated and experienced staff and use the state-of-the-art Global distribution systems for Reservations and Ticketing hence satisfying your travel needs in good time.
  • Provides you with fares for all airlines to choose from. This makes it a one-stop shop for your reservation and ticketing requirements. We therefore save you the time and energy of moving from airline to airline comparing prices (fares).
  • Our quotations are competitive helping you to make some savings compared to other Travel Agencies.
  • We provide you with timely and accurate information for the planning of your travels.